In an era where businesses are coming under fire for unethical data management methods, authenticity hasn’t been more important.

Authenticity is seen as increasingly valued in the business world, with 86 percent of consumers supporting authentic brands who communicate honestly about what they do, are liable to their customers, and also have a touch of vulnerability about them.

Your personal brand is intrinsically connected to your personality and also stems from your abilities, career goals and values. Additionally, it lets you present prospective clients and customers with an authentic extension of your company. Presenting your own brand authentically enables you to show that you are able to be depended upon, and therefore are a trustworthy entity.  

And when it comes to confidence – studies have shown that confident individuals are more persuasive, with people often swayed by how someone expresses exactly what they say. As such, this can lead to greater faith in your own brand. And that is what it is all about!

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