You know what programmatic is and it is important to take into consideration how this could impact recruiting. While there might be some websites that let you post in one place and have your job posting dispersed across several sites, using this strategy alone begs the question: would your job postings be seen by the right people? Here again we see that the ‘post-and-pray’ model might be threatened, even when the posting is as prevalent as could be. I am sure the owners of company’s who put billboards countless miles ahead of their brick-and-mortar destination could disagree. And surely there is merit to the argument that posting is a basic way to advertise a job posting, so posting in many areas may provide the biggest advantage.

Obviously, the other side of this is that you might be getting horrible reach. Should you need a bank teller but your job posting shows up on a site either (a) out of the bank’s market or (b) targeting net developers, then your job posting isn’t really doing you any favors in drawing applicants. On the other hand, programmatic recruiting might allow you to display your project posting on finance industry sites and geographically relevant websites without the need for you to pick and choose on which sites to post.

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