and then communicate some more….

It is well understood that a successful candidate experience boosts the degree of quality hires, engaged employees, employee retention, and business revenue for starters.

One sure-fire way to provide a memorable experience is to have the hiring manager deliver solid, honest responses about the candidates. The hiring supervisor can speak to the parts of the interview process that went well and even state why the other candidate was selected instead. Let’s say a job-winning candidate edged out the competition by having unique experience or specialized training; most candidates would love to know that information so they could possibly pursue similar career learning.

While making the candidate encounter great is good business sense, it also produces a good individual experience. Everyone on the recruitment team ought to apply for a role at your company so they can see how it works from the candidate standpoint, starting with the application forms to the telephone call or email through to the interview(s) and lastly the hiring manager telling the candidate that they did or didn’t get the job. Throughout the process the prospective employee should be handled with professionalism and respect.

Candidates are indeed a particular part of your company’s success, from the very first time they engage with your social networking presence to the moment they walk into a lobby and are warmly welcomed by name. Creating an excellent candidate encounter takes effort, but it’s worth it to shine a spotlight on why the candidate would want to work at your organization. Start today to make a personalized and meaningful experience for your own candidates.

Your future employees are eagerly waiting their opportunity to connect you!

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