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If you hire in large volumes or have tough to fill roles, you need every avenue possible to find enough candidates or the right candidate. Programmatic advertising is the right solution for these scenarios.

So you ask, what is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising uses software to optimize the purchasing and publishing of job ads, and these ads are placed all over the internet as opposed to just on a hosted job board. This helps you stand out as you’re not lost in the mix of results at a job board, and reach an audience that may not be visiting the boards.  

To use programmatic, first choose a vendor, as there are a number of them out there from Appcast to Talroo to Neuvoo to Joveo, etc. Specify the demographics, aka, rules, and determine the number of clicks or applications you wish to receive – It couldn’t be easier, right?


Programmatic vendors combine data from browsing history along with sophisticated algorithms to show the right ad to the right candidate at the ideal time. You’ve already interacted with programmatic advertisements and probably didn’t realize it. Have you ever searched for a product online and then been hit with competitive products when browsing Facebook or Instagram? Both of those platforms use programmatic advertising.

So now we know how it works, what are the benefits?

First, it enables you to target the ideal demographic and provides great control over your budget. For example, if you know that you need an average of 10 applications to fill a particular role, then you can cap the number of applications that you’ll receive and thus not go over budget.

Secondly, it enables you to reach a much wider audience. Rather than try and choose 120 different websites to advertise on, the programmatic algorithms can determine that for you as well as place the ad to be shown during the right time of day to drive an application. It’s basically a classified ad that covers a large portion of the internet.

Why stop at two, here is a third benefit: Data. The amount of data provided by the programmatic vendors can be quite helpful in optimizing your ad budget. Data leads to predictability, and predictability leads to success.

On a roll, here comes number four: candidate quality. As you have control over the targeting criteria for the ad, you’re more likely to reach those with the right profile for the role. The machine learning behind the programmatic sites gets better as time goes on, meaning your recruitment team spends more time talking to the right candidates.

Have you ever been watching a tv show and seen an ad for a product or service you would never buy? This brings us to five, a more enjoyable candidate experience and thus a better employer brand. I personally don’t bake, so every ad I see for muffin tins lowers my overall experience, however, I could watch a million ads for ski resorts and have a great experience. Programmatic shows the muffin tin ads to bakers, and ski resort ads to yours truly. This results in overall positive impressions.

Speaking of endless resort ads, this brings us to six. Timing is everything, and that means retargeting is a necessity. If a candidate engages with an ad and then leaves the site, that candidate is easily reminded of the role and can be targeted with the right ad to encourage them to finish their engagement. Candidates are hard enough to find in this market, best not to lose the ones that have expressed any level of interest.

Programmatic advertising is here to stay, and is most likely the future of all job advertisements. If you would like to learn more or see what programmatic solution could be a fit for your company, please contact us at

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