Given the rising importance of social media in recruiting marketing, it’s crucial to know just how engaged your target audience really is with your presence on every platform. This way, you will know where to focus your own energy. Like source of hire, social participation metrics can tell you which channels are underperforming and which are worthy of additional investment.

Nevertheless, this is one of those nebulous metrics. What’s “engagement,” anyway? Broadly speaking, We’ll count anything that involves an individual or follower interacting with something that you posted as an indication of engagement. This may incorporate enjoys, remarks, shares, retweets, or anything else in that vein. To arrive at a demanding engagement rate, you are able to divide the average number of postings that you get per post (or daily) by your total number of followers on any particular platform.

Since there’s so much baseline number in participation throughout platforms, businesses and content types, it’s difficult to place an exact number on which counts as “good” engagement. Your very best option is simply to track your engagement rates over time in order to better understand what causes them to increase or decrease.

That said, an engagement rate of 2-4% on most platforms is well worth trying for. Anything beneath that range could be thought of as a red flag, based on context.

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