Even if you are keeping your distance- Out of sight means out of mind, you need to stay in contact with your clients or you risk losing them. It is always cheaper to keep a current customer than acquire a new one. Work smart to keep your current customer base.

Marketing automation is the lowest cost, easiest, and most effective method of keeping in contact with your clients. I’m not suggesting sending automatic email advertising, nor am I talking about cold calling to get new clients. You have to be keeping in contact with your clients at every touch point in their digital journey through social channels, through spending time on the internet, and doing so systematically and automatically will ensure the job is completed, and will free your more expensive human abilities to deliver creative campaigns which will add even more ROI.

Content creation is an essential ingredient for your tactical advertising campaigns and also for keeping in touch with your existing clients. Share the creations which you’re currently making that differentiates your offerings from the competition, and market your good news concerning awards and client wins.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – these are places where you customers are reviewing your merchandise, discussing their buying decisions, exchanging views on your business. Produce a minimal cost plan for reaching customers at each point in the social funnels. Take advantage of these tools to follow your clients, hear what they’re discussing and find out more about your market. And keep in mind, it isn’t about marketing — your gifts to the conversation has to be valuable and appropriate. You got this.

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