LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking channel and so the viewer’s intent differs than that of Facebook or Instagram. As a professional, this is where your expertise can make a difference by posting content that informs, advises and educates your audience.

Try these tips suggested by Linkedin for creating some content that may just be a win win.

►Content-type: With LinkedIn, you can do up to a 10 minute video, text only, pictures, and live video (which needs approval). Be sure that you try out a combination of these to find out what works best.

►Share your experience: Think about the 3-5 questions people ask you about your business and start there. LinkedIn is a business-focused system, so think about the audience. Talk about certain situations and others to boost your reputation as a leader in your industry.

►Be consistent: The best practice would be to post every day. Just as with other social networking networks, LinkedIn wants its customers to spend as much time on the stage as possible. The more interest-based articles you produce, the further LinkedIn will present you in the news feed.

►Create posts: You get to have 1,300 characters in your LinkedIn articles, so if you’ve got a good leadership piece, creating a LinkedIn article is the way to go. Just like a blog post, you can embed images, videos and even audio. LinkedIn articles are trendy, and thus LinkedIn will get your profile in front of more people if you’re actively publishing articles.

In addition your LinkedIn article can be shared outside the network and will help with SEO for your profile. Which is a good thing as it will go beyond your current reach.

►Best times to post: Just like with everything you need to perform your own testing. We switch it up every other day by posting some things in the am and others at lunchtime.

It goes contrary to what a lot of “gurus” state but some have found Sunday mornings catch a lot of viewers.

►Build relationships: People are still trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn to advertise, so you will see a lot of those canned messages or links with a direct sales pitch. It’s one of the reasons why folks hate LinkedIn, but this is a massive advantage. Instead of selling your services, get to know people in your network, and discover ways to add value by simply answering questions when they post.

►Engage with other people: This is part of building relationships. Engage with other people in their articles with commenting, sharing and reacting. LinkedIn will have a tendency to have some excellent professional discussions where your experience can add value. Additionally, this is a wonderful way to construct your network as others will reach out to you just by engaging in the remarks. This is what you want!

►Utilize hashtags: LinkedIn does a great job with hashtags (#). Putting hashtags in your articles (like #recruitmentagency) will help your articles get discovered by others. On LinkedIn, you can follow hashtags that enable users to have an extremely specific newsfeed. If your post is gaining traction, then your articles may start to trend for this hashtag, which will open the doorway to thousands of views.

Today, LinkedIn is a fabulous channel to acquire a good deal of free/organic views on your articles!

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