The candidate encounter may first start with a Facebook post from a friend who raves about her new job, or it can start every time a colleague posts news on LinkedIn that your company is hiring. Other areas the candidate experience start may be a Google search, your organization’s careers site, or even a recruiter’s private message.

In each of these examples, the candidate encounter takes off when the prospective employee first interacts with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and decides if they wish to apply. Every succeeding touch point is important since the candidate experience matters more now than ever.

Applicants who described their experience as “negative” in general said they would not think about doing business with the firm, would not apply again, and wouldn’t refer their friends and coworkers to work there.  This has a negative effect on the company’s bottom line as well as reduces the total candidate pool.  The news was considerably brighter for candidates who labeled their experience “great”. Those folks were pleased to recommend the firm to other people and might consider doing business with the organization — even if they didn’t land the job!

Today’s recruiting leaders understand that it’s vital to make a meaningful and personal experience for the candidates you hope to bring into your company.

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