SQuARE Candidates are Qualified Short Lists on Demand.

Put our expertise to work

Reddot Media will put their 20+ years of advertising and candidate sourcing expertise to work for you.  We handle all of the advertising and sourcing, so you start your recruitment process at the most important part of the cycle.  This all comes at a flat rate, meaning it is easy to budget and forecast for your hiring needs.

So what is a SQuARE Candidate?

What exactly is a SQuARE candidate?  One that aligns with the initial criteria via a phone or SMS screen with one of our experienced recruiters. Typically consisting of:

  • Salary expectations in line
  • Qualified for the position
  • Available for interview
  • Right / Remote location
  • Experience and Education match

Save time, make hires

SQuARE Candidates from Reddot mean you save time and eliminate the busy work of recruiting.  Target your focus on the right candidates and make the right hire.

Our methods

How do we find these candidates?  Through a combination of programmatic, social and targeted advertisements, along with an active sourcing team. 

Flat pricing for amazing candidates. Take the guess work out of filling your roles.

A list of 10 SQuARE candidates is a flat rate of 4% of the base salary of the position.  This performs nearly all the functions of a contingent staffing agency at a fraction of the cost.  If you feel a candidate is unqualified, we will replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will work with a dedicated account manager.

We will refund a prorated portion of the fee.

The cost of advertising and sourcing is included in the flat rate.

No problem, just let us know and we will not count them towards the total.