Understanding That Great Decisions Can Come from Anywhere

No one has all the answers. A business where only management makes decisions is a surefire way to send A and B players away to other businesses.

As some companies get larger, they tend to restrict employee freedom. Workers go to work, do what they are told, and just help someone else reach their dream. The worker’s impact on the company is minimal and they eventually become “another employee at another firm.” And for some folks, it is all they need: go into work, take orders, do the job, and await the clock to reach 5:00 P.M.

However, this is not what the best employees want.

They wish a voice and a significant impact on the organization and its direction. They know that anyone can talk with the janitor or the most senior person at a company. They also know they can create tools for your company without the necessity for management approval.

Businesses have higher success when workers are given this type of freedom that isn’t ruled by a hierarchy, presuming they’re talented employees who fit the culture. Knowing that good choices can come from anywhere and expanding employee freedom are cornerstones of bringing talented people who will fit in the culture, should you allow them.

The distinction between being a group and only a lot of people, is the individuals see themselves as different from one another. Helping others is forced because you normally operate in your own endeavors, or your own part in a larger project.

Teams work together on all work related jobs and assist where necessary. It does not matter who gets credit for what because you accomplish everything together. You’re knit together as one.

If you watch sports, then you see just how teams function. They operate collectively, encourage one another, and communicate regularly even from the sidelines. There are always a few who have been accused of placing themselves before the team, known as a ball hog in some sports. This is only because they “hog” the ball and don’t involve any of their teammates in the game. This impairs the game because not all the players are involved.

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