The train is leaving the station


Ex-Marketing Professor, gone rogue Mark Ritson recently said, “From motivating remote teams to finding new methods of measuring success, marketers will need to navigate a ‘perfect storm’ as the pandemic sparks profound changes to the world of work. “

For e-commerce, the chance to get in front of people ought to be glaring, yet we find ourselves somewhat cautious of doing so in times such as these. The only way out of tough times is to keep working through them. If it’s an uphill struggle, we must work much harder. In doing so, there’s potential for growth, for gaining a market voice.

We are not in the business of exploiting any situation that would result in any kind of suffering. We are only advocating honesty and transparency in all we do so we don’t lose money or our drive.

We want folks, you, the market, and ourselves to come out even stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Keep safe. Keep healthy in 2020 and beyond

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