They act different. And that’s only the beginning.


Hiring Individuals Who Fit Your Company Culture

When speaking about hiring decisions, HR departments constantly attempt to be certain that they do not hire ‘jerks’. It is because of this that firms can have a rigorous hiring procedure. Some companies bring in candidates for a week on a trial basis. They provide the candidates a job and find out how they operate and collaborate with other people.

The high performing workers who do not “fit in”  can be called energy vampires. These vampires have to be terminated because, whilst performance is strong, their attitude is harmful to business culture, which can be detrimental to company.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, is among the strongest supporters of culture, and notes that the people that you hire reflect your business even out of work. If you met somebody and they let you know where they work, the perception of the company will vary based on your own view of the individual. If they are ok, you will see the organization in a favorable light. This result could be greater if it’s a business that you’ve never heard about or have any notion of. In the event the individual is useful, you are going to see the business as helpful. That is the reason it’s very important to employ individuals who share your core values.  

One bad hire can influence a whole section and potentially dozens of consumers. And it may occur quickly, behaving like a virus which spreads. The workers will discuss the lousy hire; and when action is not taken, it may become much worse.

But the great thing is that any harm can be reversed and it will show the existing team that you care and are serious about the company culture.

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