Why do you wish to work here?


This is a question that often gets asked in job interviews.

The purpose of the query is to offer the interviewer with a feeling of what the interviewee understands about the company. If the interviewee can offer a specific, pointed reason behind why they want to join that business, it reveals to the interviewer they have done research about the business and may be a fit for your position.

Obviously, an interview will reveal only so much. Someone can be whomever they want to be for 30-60 minutes. The only real way to know if someone is on board with all the values and mission of a company would be to see them work for an extended time period.

Zappos has their core worth.  They help guide how employees work and enjoy their private lives.

When workers are enthusiastic about the values and assignment (such as organizing the world’s data at Google), they are devoted to accomplishing the goal.

Mark Zuckerberg says:

“The reason we’ve assembled a business is because I feel a business is by far the best way to get the best individuals together and align their incentives about doing something great.”

At Facebook, it is about making the world more open and connected. These encourage the workers, guide the product, and energize the whole company. When an employee isn’t committed to the vision, it just becomes a different occupation. And when it’s just another job, it usually means the employee is not pleased.

On the flip side, once the employee is on board with the mission, they’re engaged in the job and therefore helps the organization succeed. Win Win!

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