Why use an ad agency:

Many of our clients first question is “Why even use an ad agency?”  I can manage the postings and media negotiations myself.  Here is a handy list of why clients choose to work with an ad agency.

We are experts.  We’ve spent years doing one thing and one thing only, advertising jobs.  It is our area of expertise and sole focus, whereas many of our clients have job responsibilities that are far wider than what we do.  Would you rather go to a general practice doctor for an ACL repair, or an ortho knee specialist?

Service.  Because we work on behalf of many clients, our job board representatives and other vendors are the cream of the crop when it comes to service.  This gives you the white glove treatment via Reddot even if you’re just a small spender.

We’re free to use.  As an agency, we can buy your media 7-15% cheaper than if you were to go to the sites directly.  We then use that savings to provide you a dedicated account manager to manage not just one site, but all of your sites.  That account manager is vendor neutral, so they are incentivized to get you the best ROI from any site, not just sell you the products from one site as if you were to speak to a job board rep.  This account manager also monitors your bid rates, programmatic sites and social performance to make sure you’re getting the best ROI, and they do this on a daily basis.

Time savings.  You could speak to 30 job board representatives yourself, or one Reddot expert who has your best interests in mind.  Again, we work with all job boards, programmatic sites, and social sites so we’re a one stop shop.  The Amazon of advertising if you will.

Industry experience.   The Reddot representatives have experience across multiple industries and verticals, bringing new ideas to the table as well as lessons learned over an average of 13 years in the job advertising space. 

Creative.  Reddot also provides creative services and social advertising.  New platforms that will separate you from the pack.  Let’s get you on TikTok.

If you’re interested in seeing how an agency can benefit your recruiting efforts, let’s chat.  If you’re currently unhappy with your agency, let’s chat.  We’re the newest agency on the block, so we work harder.

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