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Job Marketing
Massive Results

Programmatic Media and Job Marketing

Creating a balanced mix of media solutions to amplify your recruitment marketing. 

Our firm only represents companies and buyers, not job boards, ensuring zero conflict of interest. And, unlike other firms, we don’t ask for any commitment having to earn your business each month.


Candidate Shortlists

Reddot Media will put their 20+ years of advertising and candidate sourcing expertise to work for you. We handle all of the advertising and sourcing.


Have a need for a performance-based campaign (referred to as programmatic or PPC) but don't have the people or time to do it, then let us take care of that with no service charge.

Job Marketing

Distribute your jobs to huge network but only paying for results​


Monthly advisory calls and dedicated research time to keep your recruiting tech stack current

Keep job applications flowing

Organizing performance recruitment advertising on a per-click charge to bring candidates to your online jobs. Using data to measure and establish the activity needed to fill positions.