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In the realm of media’s bustling might,
Our team of experts shines with brilliant light.
With years of honed skill and unwavering grace,
They navigate the job board’s complex space.

Negotiating deals with finesse and care,
They secure the rates that others can’t compare.
Their knowledge vast, their insights keen,
They leave no stone unturned, no bargain unseen.

For you, they strive to achieve the best,
A mission they embrace with tireless zest.
With each contract, they bring forth a gain,
Ensuring your investment never is in vain.

So, entrust your media needs to their capable hands,
And witness how their expertise expands.
They’ll work tirelessly, with a steadfast aim,
To deliver results that ignite your brand’s flame.


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We help talent teams automate and integrate recruitment challenges

Client: 37,000-employee Hospital Group
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Built ATS integrations to push candidates directly from publishers into ATS to reduce drop-off in the application process.
Implemented a complete end-to-end source tracking solution to enable full Cost-per-Hire ROI analysis
Data cleansing of all client candidate data to support reporting
Client: 900 Employee Home Care Provider
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To streamline the hiring process and enhance the quality of job applications, Indeed was seamlessly integrated with Workday.
This integration not only increased the number of applications received but also helped reduce the influx of unqualified candidates by incorporating selection questions. As a result, the applicant tracking system (ATS) was able to receive a higher volume of relevant and qualified applications, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process.
Client: 70,000 Employee Fortune 500
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A dual application flow was developed to address the need for efficient recruitment processes for challenging positions.

This flow includes sending initial responses to the recruiter and a dashboard for leadership oversight. Integrating XML, parsing, and API with Phenom People allows seamless communication and data exchange between various systems.

Assisting talent acquisition teams to make the most of their recruitment advertising budget.

Job Boards

The success of a business often comes down to its ability to reach target hires. A key part of managing advertising operations is choosing the right media channels & tracking metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, and conversions. ​


Programmatic advertising is an automated method of buying and selling digital advertising space that uses algorithms and machine learning. It provides increased efficiency and improved ROI for both advertisers and publishers


Recruitment automation uses software to streamline hiring, making it faster and cheaper. It aids in candidate sourcing, screening, and scheduling interviews and provides better analytics. Companies that use it can make data-driven decisions and attract better talent.

Our Clients Include Some Of America’s Largest Employers In The Most Challenging Hiring Sectors

Our solutions empower Talent Acquisition to advertise and automate efficiently.