Hire More People  Save Money Get More Candidates Custom Career Sites/Pages Integrate Systems Improve Efficiency Provide Conversational Analytics

We've Developed a Model that Increases Quality Applications Per $$ spent by mixing

Agency Expertise

Structure job board campaigns to maximize quality applications for
hardest-to-hire jobs with dedicated account support.

Software Expertise

Optimize candidate application path with integrations between publishers and your ATS, supported by custom landing pages to screen & engage candidates.

Analytics Expertise

Out of the box ATS reports don’t give TA teams what they need.
And nobody wants to amalgamate reports from multiple publishers!
We build custom dashboards with data from publishers, ATS and HRM systems to answer leadership questions, assign value to publishers and track progress

What’s next after Job Boards?

Here’s how we attract passive candidates

RedDot Advert Method Pyramid diagram

Our Clients Include Some Of America’s Largest Employers In The Most Challenging Hiring Sectors