Alistair Neal

It is one of the industry’s hottest issues and according to experts, it is only likely to gain steam. In reality, it’s estimated that by 2020 most of recruitment advertising will be programmatic. However, what precisely is programmatic recruitment and what can it do for you? Below is everything you’ve wanted to know about programmatic recruitment but were too shy to ask.

What’s programmatic recruitment?

Programmatic recruitment is the usage of technology rather than people for purchasing, putting, and refining job advertisements. Basically, programmatic recruiting makes sure your job advertisement is viewed by the right candidates on the right sites at the ideal moment. Plus it does this via the use of big data, targeted job advertisements, real-time bidding, and campaign optimization.

Programmatic recruiting eliminates the ineffective processes and unnecessary spending common to traditional recruiting advertising. So that you can say goodbye to managing multiple occupation advertisement sellers, consolidating data from all kinds of resources, awaiting results, and spending cash on websites that won’t help you reach your objective.

Programmatic will transform your recruiting strategy:

The distinction is with this advanced strategy, humans do what they do best, and let technology do what does best: create cost-effective and time-efficient job advertisement spend decisions in a fraction of a moment. 

How does programmatic recruitment work?

Programmatic recruitment makes your job easier by eliminating the ineffective processes and unnecessary spending common to companies with complex hiring needs. But how does this work? There are four key components: big data analytics, occupation ad targeting, dynamic budget allocation and bidding, and campaign optimization.

To learn more about how we are using programmatic for our current clients, reach out to us today!

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